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Hello I'm

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"Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace."

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About Me

I am an aspirant soul who loves to do something new, and someone that thrives for persistence. Some of my hobbies include the following- Playing the violin, reading, Taekwondo, Swimming, writing, scuba diving, and more.

​My Favorite Things


Describe Me!




I believe that it is better to start off with something with a bright mindset and cheerfulness. I try to be as positive as possible when something bad happens. Sometimes its hard, but I try, and I always get great results. I cant always see the bright side of things, but I try, and thats what matters.

I can't say I'm the top notch comedian, but I like to have fun with my friends- I'm a big laugher- and I crack a few jokes time to time.I also enjoy laughing a lot- alwyas makes me feel pleasent.

I like to zone in into projects and really try my best in everything to show the best self I can be. I saw once in a video of how Obama told college graduates to not leave any ghosts (ghosts of successes you could of had) around your bed, and I am trying my best to fulfill what he has said. 

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